Wall of NXT:

This project aims to create a "wallof" about NXT (Wall of NXT Poster). You can see the "wallof" at homepage of nxt.cool website. Logos of 2'500 pixels are for free. And you can buy pixels for bigger logos of this poster through NXT Digital Goods Store (DGS) from the Seller: NXT-YM97-Y7R7-VGJN-9WDCH.

*wallof - (plural - wallofs) Thematic web picture composed of multiple sub-images. Every sub-image has a link. Generally is formed by logos or diagrams with links to others webpages. And the image is usually dedicated to one thing or topic. These pics are interesting objects to learn or advertise about it, because they provide access to information related with the thematic on their links. In most cases also they are a historical reference to the state of art at certain moment of time and they can show the evolution over time.